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  Activities and memberships

   Benelux Association for AI (acting board member "AI in Industry", 2021 - )
   Smart Tribe, 2020, mentor
   Hack the crisis NL, 2020, mentor
   Career lunch at UvA with PhD students and postdocs 2018, invited alumna
   LREC 2020, 2018, reviewer
   NLDB 2014, 2013, 2012, PC member
   ACL 2013, reviewer
   IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 2013, reviewer
   *SEM 2013, PC member
   CBMS 2013, 2012, PC
   EACL 2012 Student Research Workshop, PC
   LREC 2012, Scientific Committee member
   NLDB 2012, PC
   Workshop on Relational Models of Semantics (RELMS 2011) at ACL 2011, PC
   KDDSB11, KDDSB10, KDDSB09: Special Track on Knowledge Discovery and Decision Systems in Biomedicine, PC
   Workshop on Data Mining in Life Sciences DMLS, 2010, 2009, PC
   Workshop on High-level Information Extraction at ECML 2008, PC
   Special Track on Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge-based Techniques and Systems in Medicine at CBMS 2008, PC

Participated in the following challenges: