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  Journal articles

  • Bui Quoc Chinh, Sophia Katrenko, and Peter Sloot. A Hybrid Approach to Extract Protein-Protein Interactions. Bioinformatics vol. 27(2), pp. 259-265, (impact factor: 4.926), 2011.
  • Sophia Katrenko, Pieter Adriaans, and Maarten van Someren. Using Local Alignments for Relation Recognition. In Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), vol. 38, pp. 1-48, (impact factor: 1.981), 2010.
  • M. Roos, M. S. Marshall, A. P. Gibson, M. Schuemie, E. Meij, S. Katrenko, W.R. van Hage, K. Krommydas, and P.W. Adriaans. Structuring and Extracting Knowledge for the Support of Hypothesis Generation in Molecular Biology. BMC Bioinformatics, 10(Supplement 10), 2009.
  • Larry Smith et al. Overview of BioCreative II Gene Mention Recognition. In Genome Biology, 9(Suppl 2), 2008.


  • S. Katrenko. A Closer Look at Learning Relations from Text. PhD thesis, University of Amsterdam. ISBN 978-90-9024518-8. 2009.

  Edited volumes

  • Maarten van Someren, Sophia Katrenko, and Pieter Adriaans (eds.). Proceedings of the Belgian-Dutch Conference on Machine Learning. Amsterdam, May 2007.
  • Janneke Huitink and Sophia Katrenko (eds.). Proceedings of the Eleventh ESSLLI Student Session. University of Malaga, Spain. August 2006.

  Refereed conference and workshop proceedings

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